Mayhem Deficiency, Oracle, and Upcoming Super Cool SQL Server Events

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, not a whole lot of exciting events occurred at work this last week. I was out for one and a half days since my little one was sick. *poor thing*  So that cut down on the amount of mayhem, err… issues I was able to cause… err, I mean fix. However, next week is a whole other game… 😉

Anyway, the only semi-interesting occurrance at work this week, at least the only one I can mention in this blog *I wonder if I can get that stuff off the ceiling before anyone notices*, is that a developer humbly approached me with what he thought was a Crystal Reports question. It turned out to be an Oracle question. I don’t recall having had any Oracle questions in probably over 2 years so this was a bit exciting for me. Yes, I lead a very exciting life, can’t you tell? Anyway, a vendor gave him two connections strings which he needed to update in order to connect to an Oracle database. So I happily explained he needed to find the tnsnames.ora file. Then depending on what he found, he needed to either save the old file under a different name (just in case) and use the one the vendor sent, or he could modify the current tnsnames.ora file using the new connections. He came back later informing me he had found the file and proceeded to show it to me. After comparing the vendor’s file with the current one, it appeared that the only item to be changed was the host string in two places. So I figured his best bet was to comment out the old host address and put in the new one which I explained to him how to do (i.e. put a # in front of the old host line, make a new host line with the new address, and save the file) . He hasn’t been back so either it worked or I scared him away…hmmm… for the sake of my sanity or what’s left of it, I’ll just assume it worked…

Hey, do you know what time it is? It’s Shameless Promotion Time!!! Guess who is coming to speak at the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group meeting this July? I gave a hint on my last post. If you haven’t guessed at least which group this awesome speaker is a member of, here’s another hint. This prestigious group works on the largest projects the SQL world has seen. They see stuff some of us can only dream about! Or in my case, have nightmares about. If you guessed SQL Server Customer Advisory Team (a.k.a. SQL CAT), you are absolutely right! It’s okay if you guessed wrong. I promise to not hold it against you. That just means you need to attend our next user group meeting! 😉

As for our guest speaker, it’s Kevin Cox! Here’s a quick bio for Kevin: “Kevin Cox has been working with databases for over 30 years and with SQL Server for more than 20 years.  He is an author, lecturer and mentor in database subjects.  Kevin is currently on the SQL Server Customer Advisory Team and feels fortunate to be able to work on the largest project around the world.”

The topic? “Biggest Mission Critical Projects on SQL Server!” If you’ve ever wondered how these huge projects manage disaster recovery and high availability, this event is for you! It looks to be a great event, and I am really excited about it! How often do you get to meet with someone who has this kind of experience with these kinds of projects? For more information, please go to the Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group’s new web site and look under announcements.

Speaking of events, there are a TON of fantastic SQL Server events coming up, and some are absolutely FREE and most are online!!! Is that awesome or what?

We (my user group cohorts and I) put together a list of these super cool events and put them up on our user group web site complete with links! So if you love to learn more about SQL Server or are just plain curious, take a peek at these cool events listed on the new Colorado Springs SQL Server User Group web site!

Did I mention you can puruse our user group’s new web site? You can also follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook, and/or network with us on LinkedIn®! We would love to hear from you! Even better, we’d love to see you at our next meeting on July 21st!

The caffeine has run its course so I bid you adieu until next week! 🙂


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