And a Cursor in a Parse Tree…

Day 19 (6.14.10):  Since the boss is still out, I’m back on call for this week. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing yet… At least I got to sit in on the super secret squirrel, err… I mean manager’s meeting this morning. Thankfully I already had 3 cups of coffee prior. So it was pretty painless… the meeting that is. The coffee wasn’t all that bad either considering I normally have only 2 cups per day.

Thankfully, my new assistant started today.  I shall call her SQL Bunny, and she shall be mine! *cough* Started off by letting her answer my phone. Considering the headset weighs more than she does, it was entertaining.  Half way through the day I felt generous and showed her how the speakerphone works.

“Installation of SQL Server 2005 Standard x64” – Take 3… Note: this is a different server than the one we installed SQL Server on last week. So on the first attempt to do the installation, we realized we were using Enterprise instead of Standard. *doh!* Luckily we hadn’t gotten very far and were able to cancel it. *yay me for actually reading the splash screen* On the second attempt, we realized some component of IIS wasn’t installed which we needed. So the Other Server Guy fixed it. Not sure where Server Guy was at… probably scared him off… The third attempt was deemed a success (i.e. the server did not blow up although I think it was giggling at us).

It took over two weeks, but there was a mini rebellion in the boss’ cubicle… I managed to take a few pictures without injury thanks to my hiding place behind the plant formerly known as money plant… it’s a good thing she should be back this week (crossing fingers)… here is why you should never say “bite me“… and why you shouldn’t fight over the staplernote to self: beware of cute little bunnies… wait…where did my assistant go?

And I’ll leave you with this thought…

(badly sung to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas)…
On the xth day of the boss being gone… my SQL bunny gave to me! A cursor in a parse tree!   (end song)

Insert something here that may actually useful to someone: In case you were wondering and as I understand it, a parse tree is what a query looks like internally before it’s compiled and optimized. So a cursor parse tree is what a cursor’s query looks like internally before it’s compiled and optimized.

Secret Squirrel Note: My daughter left the bunny in my car this morning. My hubby needed to drop by my work to pick up my house key (i.e. he left his at home) after picking up our daughter from preschool. I thought I’d bring the bunny inside so I could give it back to our daughter when he came by. That’s when the idea struck me to have an assistant… and it all went downhill from there… 😉


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