A Challenge, a Dare, and a Royal Announcement

Day 6 (6.8.10):  Today I started to read up on pages and extents… for SQL Server 6.5… Just kidding! It’s really for SQL 2000. No, seriously it really is for 2000. Anywho, I’m revisiting a stored procedure I modified sometime many moons ago to update file names and paths in one or two tables. Memory is a bit flaky (mine, not the server… although the latter could be debatable). The main table currently contains over 12 million records that need to be updated. *wheee!!!* So now I’m working on figuring out the tipping point (see super cool posts from Kimberly Tripp on the Tipping Point), indexes, and so on and so forth. At least the statistics are up-to-date! *it’s my lucky day!* Bonus: When some poor unsuspecting soul executes the proc on the dev server (way back before I modified it), it’d run pretty much all day… maybe all night. And if it was in the mood, it’d bring the server to its knees begging for mercy. Side Note: I have absolutely nothing against the person who wrote it. He did his best and I’ll admit it is a difficult process to figure out. I just have to give him a hard time about it whenever I can. 😉 Anyway, I rewrote it way back when (will post some details another day) which seems like eons ago. So instead of running all day into the night, it runs in about 4-5 hours. I’m hoping I can do better than that. Both tables are pretty wide and have a TON of indexes. So it’ll be fun to figure out. Seriously, I like a challenge. Just not when it comes to stubborn, pig-headed little 4 year olds who claim to already know everything in their short little life… what could mom possibly know even though she’s been around longer than … sorry, wrong rant…

Moving on… We haven’t heard back yet as to why one of the vendors for the pass-through web portal says we must install SQL Server 2005 Enterprise. Wonder if we scared them off… it wouldn’t be the first time…

Yesterday I worked on 10 tickets for employees who are leaving or have left. Today I checked the queue. There are 28 new ones! *say whaaat?* I know they queue them up in batches once in a while but yowzer! Yeeaaah… we decided to split them between the two of us. I’m glad my DBA buddy didn’t assign them all to me. Although, I’m sure she was tempted to…

Today Server Guy gave us double the space for our daily, transactional, and weekly backups for one of the servers…without insulting us… AND he left my shoes alone… either mind control experiment #3 is going along swimmingly or he’s trying to lure us into a false sense of security… must keep my shoes on tomorrow…

Silly me made the mistake of mentioning to my DBA buddy a new contest by SQL Agent Man (Blog | Twitter) to write a short story involving some pictures of Bourbon Street since he’s in New Orleans for TechEd. Yeeaahh… she’s egging me on to write a short story for it. *sigh* Why do I let her talk me into these things? She’s gonna get me in big trouble one of these days… again… I’m still trying to forget about that one time at code camp… still debating on whether or not I should even try… let’s see, what is the worst that could happen?  Hmm… I may find myself suddenly shunned from the SQL community… or even worse… barred from the SQL Cruise! *gasp* hmmm… maybe they’d just “maroon” me in the Carribbean somewhere… say, this could work…

Attention! Royal Announcement: My fellow SQL peeps… don’t forget! Tomorrow evening Kalen Delaney will be speaking in Denver (see info here) on SQL Server Plan Cache and Recompilation! *yay!*  I am very excited! *geek alert* Although, depending on whether or not my DBA buddy is able to go *cough*screw-replication*cough*bring-the-laptop*cough*, I may have to bum a ride from someone. *I promise to leave the super cool knee high white socks at home* I’d rather not have to drive by myself up there and back if I can help it. Especially considering I live on the south side of Colorado Springs and Denver is way, way north… *hint-hint*


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