Mind Control Experiment #2 and Spicy DBA Mojo

Day 5 (6.7.10): Hey! Guess what? Same server threw another tantrum over the weekend. It bounced itself yet again. No one seems to know why. Nothing in the SQL error logs or the Windows event logs. Hmm… Alex, I’ll go with “it’s the hardware for 200”. Server guy wants to schedule an outage to install server patches. We’re not holding our breath but one never knows. Still think the server misses the boss… now where did I put that darned pixie dust?

Always thought coffee perfume would be really cool… until today. You know those little swizzle sticks you use to stir your coffee with? I somehow fumbled mine and splattered myself with coffee. *smooth move!* Thankfully it’s not chocolate coffee which we all adore the smell of… like a pack of rabid wolves sniffing out a cute lil ol’ bunny rabbit… umm… maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t buy more of the good chocolate coffee this weekend… and I’ll leave it at that…

More snapshot replication issues in the users’ play area. *oh, snap!* Turns out there’s a job that drops and recreates certain tables which are part of the replication. The job hadn’t been updated to recreate the tables with all the right fields. So replication was confused (as a cow on Astroturf? Sorry I can’t help it) and failed when the fields didn’t match (bah! minor detail). I believe my fellow DBA buddy removed those steps from the job. Seems to be working fine now. *cough… until someone sneezes…*

Maybe I shouldn’t tease her anymore with this…
That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight
Losing my replication…

Of course we then had a user connectivity issue. Long story short. File server upgrade. Some users get nothing, nada, zip when they connect to the database via the application. Permissions looked fine. Then we heard back that the users were able to connect fine. Funny, we didn’t do anything. Hmm…  maybe our DBA mojo is finally kicking in…

Good news: we got our bonus today. *see picture below*


Bad news: we have to share. Today it’s my turn. Not sure, but tomorrow there may be a fight over who gets it next. May have to referee. And I’ll just leave that one alone too…

Hubby was not selected for jury duty; hence, they let him out just in time for lunch. Since the court is just across the street, he wandered on over here.  He then called my DBA buddy on the phone since I wasn’t answering mine to get someone to let him up (Hello? Security? just kidding!) She then told him to “work it” and maybe someone will let him up. So I waited a few minutes, decided to take pity on him and went on down to let him up before he got himself in trouble. *sigh, if only it were that easy*

He sauntered into our area “working it” (i.e.  hips gyrating with one arm waving above his head). Of course, hubby said to my buddy, “well, you told me to work it!” To complete this oh-so wonderful picture, guess who was standing right there just out of sight? Yes, our boss’s manager *oh happy happy joy joy* Yeah, I’m pretty sure my face turned 15 shades of red. Thankfully it turned out he has a sense of humor and thought it was funny. *yeah, my hubby is all mine and I still love him 🙂 *

Then I decided to help out my DBA buddy this afternoon by taking on 10 additional help desk tickets. Yeah, I’m awesome like that! lol just kidding 🙂 Lucky for me they’re quick and easy. *unlike me, who tends to make things difficult… every so often*  I basically just had to make sure specific employees who are leaving (for whatever reason) don’t have any SQL logins anywhere and stuff like that. At least I can say I closed 10 tickets today! *yay me* Let’s see… of the 30 open tickets I have, 6 are currently being tested by someone. Then there are around 9 that either I’m waiting on something or the request is on hold for whatever reason. So that leaves 15 to work on. At least it’ll keep me busy and in, err… out of trouble… this time anyway… I hope…

My DBA buddy also brought chocolate with almonds today… mind control experiment #2 is a success… hmmm… it’s going better than I had anticipated…

Note to self: Do NOT take shoes off at work. Server guy took one of my shoes and tossed it across the room for no apparent reason! When I went to retrieve it, he put the other one on top of the cubicle wall. Lucky for him I found it. Seriously, do NOT take a woman’s shoes! Besides, I only have one black pair of work shoes! (side note: I work in the public sector and the money plant isn’t giving it up yet)  To add salt to the wound, he calls my database buddy “Salt” and me “Pepper”… WTH??? Hey, if we’re going to be spices she wants to be “Hungarian Paprika” (sweet with a little bite) and I wanna be “Cayenne” (may look like paprika but packs a bigger wallop)! Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking on my part. Hey, a girl’s gotta dream, right? Then he had the nerve to change mine to “Garlic Pepper!” Hey I remembered my deodorant today so I know I do NOT stink! 😛 Maybe I should check my shoes… Anyway, it is time to plot my revenge… I.T. hath no fury like a DBA scorned… Did I mention I’m also a Scorpio? muhahaha!!!

By the way, this is what happens when you have a sushi roll called “Oh My God” for lunch… what is eel sauce anyway? *sigh* Seriously, yeah, I know. I should be the better person and just let it go… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?  Just remember that I didn’t start it! 😉


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