Mind Control Experiment #1

Day 4 (6.3.10): Been watching the plant the boss left us to care for. Haven’t seen any money yet. Ran out of the good chocolate coffee and have been forced to use the “icky” chocolate coffee. Seems to be turning the leaves yellow. That’s funny. I could have sworn that’s the shade my boss turned the last time she drank that coffee…  Maybe it’s time to buy some of the good stuff for next week.

Woo hoo!! I now have over 30 open help desk tickets!! Hey, at least I’ll be busy for a while and luckily they aren’t high priority. Although I did get a priority 2 last night on my way home. The help desk called me while I was in my car so I told them I’d get to it when I got home. Turns out someone wanted to preserve a backup from 6/2 because they think they corrupted their database. Did I mention it’s a development server? Besides, I found out later that while we do backup some of their databases on that server, they never told us they added this new database. Therefore, it’s not being backed up. *Doh! * At least we have a backup from 5/22 for them if they need it. Wonder why I haven’t heard back from them… Monday will be interesting, I’m sure.

Today my colleague offered to buy me lunch with no strings attached. She claims it’s a thank you for helping her with the post-production issues from the major production push last week… Hmmm… mind control experiment #1 seems to be working… the cats have taught me well… must experiment further… wonder if I can score a free mojito on the cruise… will have to work on that…


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