Cozumel or Bust

Day 3 (6.2.10):  “No way!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! Thank you!!!!”  was my reaction this morning when I read that not only was I going on the SQL Cruise, but that 3 very talented people will be going as well courtesy of SQL Sentry!!! I then promptly checked my pants to make sure I didn’t produce a data dump. Is that the most awesome thing or what? (err…not the dump part) It was really hard to concentrate on work after hearing the announcement but I managed to get some actual work done. *Does convincing my co-workers to make me coffee count?*

Speaking of work, as of today I may just add “Royal Scribe” (i.e. Report Writer) to my job duties. Guess which one? SSRS? Nope. Although, that probably will be true in the future. Access, you might say?  Thankfully, not right now. Give up? Crystal Reports 8.5! Yep! And I’m not complaining! 🙂 In my former life as a developer, I wrote reports in Crystal 8.5 along with stored procedures in SQL Server 2000 and Oracle PL/SQL. So this will give me a nice little distraction once in a while. Plus at some point I believe they’ll be going to SSRS. Hey, it could be worse. It could be Access… 2.0! *shudder* Although, I must say Access does have its uses. I’ll just leave it at that. 😉

Speaking of distractions, several months ago we adopted a developer as one of our own. We’ve been slowly converting her to the dark side. Today we caught her dancing on the table… again! *sigh* What are we going to do with her? We keep telling her “Glance at the data table! Not dance on the table!” Besides, HR keeps telling me dancing on the table isn’t allowed…anymore *oh well*


2 thoughts on “Cozumel or Bust

  1. Heh, I tricked someone into thinking that I’m talented!

    But it’s definitely nice to see someone that likes Crystal Reports. I mean, someone has to, right? They were an option on one of the systems I support, but after countless weeks of WTH, we decided to just go the SSRS route instead.

    1. I doubt you “tricked” anyone. From what I’ve read so far, you seem like the right person for the job. You’re taking initiative to learn more about SQL and to do a good job. That truly counts and is awesome to see! Plus, if you ever need someone to comisserate with, just let me know! lol 🙂 I have a tendency to volunteer for things like helping with Visio diagrams, writing Crystal Reports, SSRS, SSIS, DTS, and even helping with Access… 🙂

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