Vendors, Roller Coasters, and Plants! Oh My!

Day 2 (6.1.10):  Hey! I’m not on call for the next 2 weeks! Yay me!  🙂

Starting the work week on a Tuesday wasn’t all that bad with the exception of a few transactional replication issues, running out of space for backups for a particular server, and a server bouncing itself twice for no apparent reason.  Probably another tempter tantrum due to the boss leaving.  Server guy is still looking into the amazing bouncing server AND they gave us more space for the backups! *Yay!* Seriously, they are awesome to work with! *go team!*

My fellow conspirator… err, I mean co-worker called one of the project managers in regards to the replication issue. Normally this isn’t worth mentioning. However, instead of showing the person’s name, the caller id showed “You’re FIRED!”  Turned out to be a joke. At least that’s what they’re telling us…

The boss called to tell us she would soon be on a roller coaster and may be hard to get a hold of. Later on we ended up on a roller coaster of our own… ours being more emotional. *sigh* A certain vendor says the web portal must use SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition not Standard.  However, they won’t give a reason as to why. Okay, last week it was funny. This week, not so much now that we know they’re serious.  Tomorrow there will be a beating… err, I mean meeting to discuss it. Note to self: bring super cool knee-high white socks tomorrow…

Wrote a new stored procedure today to retrieve data for a report. All I really had to go on was a hard copy of the report, a small verbal discussion from last week, and the name of a table containing all the required fields. The project manager is out this week and didn’t have time to do a formal write up so I accepted giving it a try based on that. The report needs 12 fields. The table contains somewhere around 30 fields. Not too bad so far. I took a stab at which fields to use considering the data in the table. Sent email to developer asking him to verify the fields I guessed at, including some summary fields specified with a money datatype. He said it looked okay. Upon further investigation, I found all of those summary fields contained a zero amount. We’re talking over 4000 records. Not too many records but still seemed odd to me. So I mentioned this to the developer. He said the summary fields weren’t being used and sent me the inline SQL code they want to replace. Dummy me should have asked for it in the first place! *doh! there went an hour of my life* Imagine my surprise to discover the inline SQL contained some IF statements as well. I do believe that would have helped in writing the proc, actually. Seemed kinda important. Better I find out now than later, right? lol Can’t really complain. It could have been much worse. *sigh*

One of my co-workers has a crab apple tree sapling (a.k.a. thunder child) in the mini fridge. I think she took it home today. Wonder if we should make it our mascot.  Speaking of plants, no sign of any money on the plant the boss left for us to water/caffeinate. Mountain Dew seems to have no effect. Must try chocolate coffee next…

Our manager’s boss is out Wednesday and Thursday.. hmm… must use this to my… err, our advantage… what oh what ever shall we do? 😉


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