And Then There Were Two…

Day 1 (5.27.10): Today was the first day of a very long 2 weeks without our manager. She has left us in search of entertainment on a road trip with her sister. Whatever shall we do? She did say to not get into TOO much trouble. Since there are only two of us (DBAs) supporting over 50 database servers (including instances), it will be a challenge but we shall endeavor to behave ourselves for once… *snort* yeah right! Who are we kidding? She knows what we’re capable of!!! Muhahahaha!!!!  *sigh*

Spent half an hour preparing for the manager’s meeting since I was to take her place today only to find out it had been cancelled. I consoled myself by writing a nice little ditty sung to “Home on the Range” (see below)

Home! Home with SQL!
Where the boss and developers play!
Where seldom is heard
An encouraging word
And the DBAs are grumpy all day!

*sing it with me!*
It’s not actually true of where I work but it still amused me.

Next one of the systems noticed our super was gone and decided to throw a temper tantrum. We worked it over for about 4 hours until it finally decided to calm down and behave itself.  At least we found some production jobs that had been pointing to the development server instead of production. Oops! *Shhh!! Don’t tell anyone!*  The rest of the day was a bit of a blur after that little discovery.

Had a bit of a chuckle when we found out a vendor wants us to install SQL Server 2005 Enterprise for a web portal whose sole purpose in life is just to serve as a pass-through. Yeeeaaah, I don’t think so. Money isn’t exactly growing on trees here.  At least not in this department. Hmmm… must watch the plant the super left us to water/caffeinate more closely. Maybe it’s a money plant… I wonder what would happen if I fed it Mountain Dew instead of coffee… Hmmm…

I knew it was definitely a Thursday when it sounded like two of the server guys had a spray fight with those compressed cans of air for computers. At least that’s what it sounded like. There was NO way I was going to stick my head around the corner to find out and get caught in the cross fire! Life is never dull where I work. lol

Thankfully there’s no work tomorrow. Gives me time to plot…err… I mean rest up for next week. 😉


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